I was tagged by justinfcukintaylor for the iTunes shuffle challenge! Haven’t used my itunes in a while but decided to see what comes up anywayy.

shuffle your music, show the first ten songs, tag ten of your favorite followers:

1. Mad World (Alternate Version) - Michael Andrews & Gary Jules

2. In for the Kill (Cover) - London Grammar

3. Athair Ar Neamh - Enya

4. Little Bird - Ed Sheeran

5. Shelter (live) - The xx

6. Rockcliffe Bay - Lucy Spraggan

7. Circles (Acoustic) - Passenger

8. Telepath - Crystal Castles

9. Wooden Antlers - Milo Greene

10. Up & Away (feat. June) - Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

Tagging these peeps at random, ya’ll can do it if you want to :)

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Dancing in the Moonlight
73,615 plays


Thought it was a TopLoader cover at first. 

Still awesome.



I doodled space on a post it. Original available


Ellsworth Kelly.

Using only SONG NAMES from ONE artist/band, cleverly answer these questions.

  • Artist/Band: bright eyes
  • Describe yourself: easy / lucky / free
  • How do you feel: take it easy (love nothing)
  • Describe your current situation: we are nowhere and it's now
  • Describe where you currently live: tourist trap
  • If you could go anywhere, where would you go: first day of my life
  • Your favorite form of transportation: four winds
  • Describe your ex: i will be grateful for this day
  • Your best friend is: approximate sunlight
  • Your favorite color is: true blue
  • If your life was a television show what would it be called: jejune stars
  • What is life to you: something vague
  • What is the best advice you have to give: a line allows progress, a circle does not
  • If you could change your name, what would you change it to: lua

Brian: “…This is like that time in 7th grade when I lent you my brand new 10-speed and when you brought it back my front fender was crushed, my seat was torn…”


Coping strategy for when you are trapped in conversations with obnoxious people:

1. Pick a spot nearby, around eye level, preferably a small object. That is now the camera.
2. When they say something you just cannot stand, look directly into the camera like you’re on The Office
3. Repeat as often as needed



Literally moaned at this photoset.

Oh my god.



This is me, Eliza Thornberry, part of your average family. I’ve got a dad, a mom, and a sister. There is Donnie - we found him. And Darwin, he found us. Oh yeah, about our house - it moves, because we travel all over the world. You see, my dad hosts this nature show, and my mom shoots it. Okay, so we’re not that average. And between you and me, something amazing happened… and now I can talk to animals. It’s really cool, but totally secret. And you know what? Life’s never been the same.

When you haven’t watched this show in literally 7 years and can still read this in your head in her exact voice, and remember what parts to emphasise…

I never realized what a big deal that was. How amazing it is to find someone who wants to hear about all the things that go on in your head.
- Nina LaCour (via wanduring)
accepting that this is where you are right now is going to help with the emotional suffering
- (Therapist)


fun drinking game: take a shot of water every couple hours to make sure you’re healthy and hydrated


LouiJoverArt ON TUMBLR



*throws lamp at you* you need to lighten the fuck up

*shoves head into lamp* enlighten me